Sterling Silver & Crystal

Cluster Necklace Set ($125)

Sterling Silver Ear Threads ($45)

Sterling Silver, Pearl & Crystal Cluster Earrings ($39-$65)

Getting married or know of someone who is planning a wedding? Email me about my bridal options. If a bride does a custom order for 4 or more bridesmaids, her jewelry will be discounted

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Crystal & Freshwater

Pearl Cluster Necklace ($195)

Sterling Silver

Word Necklaces ($59-$85)

Sterling Silver, Rhodonite

& Pearl Soldered Necklace (sold)

Freshwater Pearl Cluster

Necklace ($195)

Freshwater Pearl

2-Strand Bracelet ($125)

Cluster Freshwater

Pearl Bracelet ($125)

Freshwater Pearl

2-Strand Necklace ($125)

Freshwater Pearl

& Garnet Necklace ($100)

Sterling Silver & Ocean Jasper

Necklace (sold)

Freshwater Pearl

3-Strand Bracelet ($195)

A New Creation

Customized Artwork, Jewelry, & Workshops

Crystal & Freshwater Pearl

Cluster Necklace Set ($295)

Freshwater Pearl

3-Strand Bracelet ($195)

Freshwater Pearl

2-Strand Bracelet ($125)

Small Cluster Freshwater

Pearl Bracelet ($95)